Hayman's Old Tom Gin 750ml

Hayman's Old Tom Gin 750ml


As any bartender will tell you, you can’t mix an old cocktail with new gin. Which is why we revived the original Old Tom Gin.

With Hayman’s Old Tom Gin you’ll enjoy a rich, rounded profile and a beautifully delicate finish. Hints of citrus and juniper piney notes provide a delicious, smooth taste. And the subtle sweetness keeps it true to the original style of English Victorian gin.

Back in the 1800s, Old Tom was the gin of choice; traditionally served neat but also in classic gin cocktails such as the Martinez and Tom Collins. So in 2007, encouraged by requests from curious bartenders and gin enthusiasts, we decided to make a small batch of Old Tom Gin from an old 1870s family recipe.

It’s perfect for a more rounded and full flavoured Gin & Tonic or easy sipping over ice. And it’s the gin for mixing those true, classic gin cocktails. We hope you enjoy experimenting.

$ 26.99