Summer Wine Shipping Options

June 29, 2017 Mike Cherre

It's getting hot outside, which means it's not ideal wine shipping weather. Nobody wants to open the wine they purchased online only to find that it cooked in the warehouse. Instead of waiting a few months and hoping that wine you've had your eye on is still available in October, we have several options for you to get your wine faster, or ensure that you'll have it waiting when you feel comfortable having it shipped.

For starters, you can opt for Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air shipping. This will ensure that your wine spends as little time in a warehouse or delivery truck as possible. It can be expensive, but it goes a long way towards maintaining the quality of the wine.

You can also contact us and ask that your purchase be held in our store until ideal shipping conditions come around, usually in late September to October. Feel free to call us to discuss this option: 636-227-4543

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