Historic Vineyard Society

February 02, 2017 Matthew Hardin

It's very easy to say that California has a rich wine making history.  While certainly not as extensive as certain old world wine regions, California has had grapes growing for wine since the first Spanish missionaries in the 16th century.  The industry started to form in it's modern sense in the late 19th century.  It was around that time that regions we know today first came to prominence.  Today, few of these vineyards remain, planted to the same varietals as they were in the 1880's.  

A group of wine makers have organized to preserve this section of Californian wine history.  The Historic Vineyard Society(HVS) has three requirements to be certified as a unique and historic site.

  • A currently producing California wine vineyard
  • Original planting date no later than 1960
  • At least 1/3 of existing producing vines can be traced back to original planting date

The vineyards that are registered by the HVS are the bedrock, no pun intended, of the California wine industry.  For decades, these blocks were ripped out and replanted to more popular varietals, threatening the heritage of their industry.  By preserving these vineyards, they are preserving wines that are uniquely Californian.  Think about it.  These are vineyards that have Spanish grapes next to French grapes next to Italian grapes, grown in some of the finest vineyards in California.  These are wines that can be made no where else in the world, and quite frankly, they are delicious.  The skill of the winemakers utilizing these vineyards are second to none, and we are very happy to be able to offer such a wide collection of these unique and world class wines to our customers.  

Two wineries in particular are leading the charge of the HVS. Morgan Twain-Peterson of Bedrock and Mike Officer of Carlisle are making absolutely world class wine out of some of California's most historic and unique vineyards.  These wines are crafted with the same vines that made California a world class wine growing region, with a real feel for what modern consumers are drinking.  All their wines are incredible values, incredible quality, and available in incredible small quantities.  If you would like to know more about the wines that we offer from these historic sites, please visit here

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