A Matter of Taste

February 16, 2017 Matthew Hardin

We taste a lot of different wines at Lukas.  For the wine team, it's basically a daily ritual to swirl, sniff, and spit (there's always a dump bucket involved) dozens of wines.  It is a very important part of our job as wine retailers to know what the wines that we sell taste like, and to also find new and interesting wines to sell.

As important as it is to us as retailers to have familiarity in the taste of our wines, it's equally as important to our customers to know about the taste.  Selling, and buying wine, is very difficult without tasting first.  The last couple years I have been very proud of our different tastings, whether at large format events like our birthday party or Big Red Wine Tasting,or our complimentary Saturday tastings. Through classes, wine dinners, Try Before You Buy and wrist band tastings, we have been able to offer a large variety of wines to our customers to taste.  

Any time you walk in the store we have over 75 different bottles available to taste with the 'Try Before You Buy' program.  We sample these wines through a Coravin, which allows us to not pull the cork, keeping the wine fresh.  The tasting station is at the front on the right side of the store, and any time you are shopping here, all the wines on the shelf are available to taste.  Every Friday, we have several of our high value wines open to try.  Want a killer red for $10?  We will have a few open every Friday.  The bulk of our tastings are on Saturday.  From 1-4 we have multiple tasting tables full of fine wine to taste.  We also do wrist band tastings from 1-4 on Saturday, where for $10 there will be six to eight wines, that generally retail for $300-$400, to try.  We did the wrist band tastings the last few months of 2016 and this weekend, February 18th, we start them again.  

This weekend, we begin a new set of tastings.  Every Sunday from 1-3, we will have wine open to taste.  This Sunday, we will have four brand new wines to taste from a wine region featured on the cover of the new issue of Wine Spectator.

So this week, for example, there will be at last count 24 wines available to taste.  That does not include the wines we have available in the 'Try Before You Buy,' or in the bar where we sell 3 and 6 oz pours.  We know taste is important.  It's our job. With all our samplings, we want to make taste as important to your shopping experience as it is to us professionally.  We hope to see you this weekend, or any weekend at our samplings, because when it's a matter of taste, we want to be your destination wine store.  

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